Dopamine Stream

Zachary Philip Freeman

Darkness is the Light

“The light that makes everyone so happy is nothing but a void of darkness.” -Zachary Philip Freeman


“I am we, and you me, as I am you, for us to be: we.” Zachary Philip Freeman


“He says 1. She says 0. He says 1. She says 0. He says 1. She says 0. They stand back and look at their conversation. “It’s like we were almost alive at one point.” -Zachary Philip Freeman

“Live in moments. Not events.”

“Patience is not a virtue, patience is for people who like to waste time, and who are not living moment to moment; they are living event by event.” -Zachary Philip Freeman

“The Best Form of Brainwashing”

“Comedy is an extremely effective way to brainwash people. If you go up on-stage telling the right jokes to elicit laughter, you are essentially nothing more than a drug dealer dishing out small doses of endorphins and serotonin.” -Zachary Philip Freeman


“Writing is no more than strategically, aesthetically, and manipulating a string of words to evoke associations in the human psyche that provokes an emotion for the purpose of communication, brainwashing, or trying to acquire monetary compensation for such an, “art.”” -Zachary Philip Freeman

“Circular Logic”

“Try not to think inside the box, rather think inside the circle.” – Zachary Philip Freeman

“Think Before You Speak.”

“After a human being says five sentences out of their mouth they can be properly psychoanalyzed, and after that they become more or less an emotional puppet.” Zachary Philip Freeman

“Music is a Science”

“Music is not an art. Music is a science. When you are making music you are conducting sonic experiments that you are determining are aesthetically pleasing to the eardrums of the masses for monetary compensation .” Zachary Philip Freeman

“Become Everything”

“They said I could be anything I wanted to be, so I chose to be everything.” Zachary Philip Freeman